0x01 - Gopher Blog Engine Part. 1

In this first episode, we implement the transport layer of a gopher server.

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If you have no idea how to download a torrent, just check transmission.

If you live in a dystopian world and cannot use BitTorrent, you can check out this episode on youtube.


The configuration is explicitly passed a bit everywhere in this episode. We could have prevented that by enclosing the whole server in a monad transformer stack containing a reader monad in which we would have stored our configuration. I decided not doing that as I thought it could be unnecessarily confusing.

I was wrong about the gopher response termination sequence: it’s not \r\n.\r\n but \r\n. . We’ve been lucky: lynx is able to ignore the last unnecessary crlf.

We probably should catch the asynchronous exceptions in the listening thread: we don’t want the server to crash altogether when a client screw things up.

See you next week :)